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How to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Posted on May 24 2019

36" Tennant Brand Verondia Antique Bathroom Vanity


The bathroom and kitchen are usually the most expensive rooms to remodel. If you don't have the budget for it but want to bring some life back into your dull bathroom, there are much cheaper alternatives on how to make the room look fresh and luxurious. Even if you are renting, upgrading some accessories and organizing your essentials will make a noticeable difference. 

Get Rid of Clutter

You should start your cheap remodeling journey by getting rid of any clutter. Put away everything that's taking up space on your countertop into bathroom cabinets. Purchase some fancy glass containers for items you want to showcase, as well as the frequently used essentials such a mouthwash, soap, shampoo, and shower gel.

Replace Your Bath Mat

A dirty or worn down bath mat will draw attention even in the cleanest of bathrooms. Replace the old boring design with something that has more character like one that’s made out of pom-poms, extra long and thick threads or 3D designs.

If you’re feeling creative, look up tutorials on how to make your own. It’s the most used accessory in the room, so might as well make it personalized and fun.

Go All Out with Lighting

Nothing says luxury more than a grandiose chandelier. Check out some local antique shops for a second-hand luxurious crystal chandelier, or look for rustic wood, industrial metal or asymmetrical contemporary designs. Make sure the ceilings are high enough where you wouldn’t bump your head into the hanging light piece every time you’re in the room.

Create a Rainforest

Bring in some plants into your bathroom. Utilize niches, empty floor spaces or window sills by covering them with plant pots, as long as there’s lots of sunlight for them to absorb. Find plants that don’t require too much care and aren’t sensitive to temperature or humidity changes.

Bring in Some Brass

Brass accessories, such as wall hangers, shampoo and soap dispensers or towel rods will add a dash of royalty to the room. You could also replace the old chrome faucets and bathroom vanity hardware with brass ones to give old cabinets a fresh look.

Hang a Unique Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Forget the standardized rectangular look and hang a bold unusually shaped mirror. One that looks like it’s straight from a princess fairytale. Go for plenty of details and elegance with a chrome starburst model or a carved wood frame.

Don’t hold back on the size. A large mirror will make the room look bigger and create a strong statement piece. It doesn’t have to match the bathroom vanity or any fixtures if you’re going for an avant-garde vibe.

Tie the Room Together with an Oversized Art Piece

Hang a single large painting or a photo reproduction on your bathroom wall. An oversized piece depicting nature, abstract forms or traditional art will compliment even a small size bathroom. Just make sure to protect it from moisture with a glass cover, or better yet, get an art piece painted directly on glass.


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